Viva la Marlas

Guess whatttt people!! My Secret Santa present is here!! XDD

Awww Thank you this made my day :DD Thank you! 

Your letter is so so lovely and brilliant! I don’t have The Child in Time (I have a few others of his books, but not this one!) Glad you like him too he’s my favourite~! :DD

The cookbook is great!! I really enjoy cooking. (Did I tell you that?) although I’m more familiar to Thai food (and actually not very good at it) XD I think I’ll try the banana bar, it looks yummy! I’ll post the pic for you to see if it comes out edible. :P

And the polar bear is super cute!! :DD What should I name him?? Arth? Doug? Mart? Ca? Awww. 

1年前 on 2月 3rd, 2013 |J